A shuriken (also called a ninja star or throwing star) has many fun and exciting uses. They increase focus and concentration. They improve hand-eye coordination. They are also an essential part of martial arts and ninjutsu training. Many companies are out there that make throwing stars to ancient specifications with modern materials.

Instead of traditional iron, ninja stars are now made with light but durable stainless steel. This allows for longer use and sharpness as well as greater accuracy. A shuriken can be thrown either vertically or horizontally. The many points ensure stars stick in their targets much more regularly than other projectile weapons (like throwing knives, spikes, or hatchets). There is literally no wrong way to hold or throw a star (unless you cut yourself, of course). This makes it one of the most diverse and tactical knives easiest of weapons to learn. The throwing technique depends entirely on the experience, comfort, and style of the thrower.

For throwers looking for a more traditional experience, the grip on the throwing star should be carefully studied. Typically, there were two ways to hold a shiruken in ancient Japan. One way was to hold one of the star’s points pinched between the thumb and first finger. Alternatively, It could be held with the index bent, between the index finger’s knuckle and the thumb. Traditionally, stars were thrown horizontally or vertically, depending on the thrower’s preference.

The word shiruken is Japanese. It literally means “sword blade released from the hand.” They date back to Japan’s feudal era, and were one of the indispensible mid-range weapons in the arsenals of samurai and ninjas. Much quieter than the bow and arrow, stars were instrumental in assassinations and sneak attacks. Originally, any bladed throwing weapon was considered a shiruken. Over time, however, these weapons evolved into stars with four to eight points. Because of their size, they could be hidden in a hand, sleeve, fold of clothing, or pocket. The compact size, round shape, and many points increased accuracy for both novice and expert throwers.

Modern stars can be used for more than fun and hand-eye training. How often have you found yourself without a letter opener or a knife for cutting string? In many ways, stars are like the modern tactical knife. They are generally made with the same strong, stainless steel. They both have a multitude of uses. Customers looking for a diverse throwing weapon that has a wide variety of uses (and is a lot of fun) should consider the throwing star.